School House Rock Jr


Here you’ll find information about the upcoming show - School House

Click for your Audition Packet!!


Will be primarily in class with the exception of the last few weeks before the show date.  At that point, we’ll need to have full rehearsals after school until about 7:00pm. These rehearsals will be mandatory and as this is a class grade; rehearsals will be part of the overall grade in the class.

Show Dates

February 6 - In school

February 8 & 9- Evening shows at 7:00pm

School House Songs (full versions)



Audition Pieces

Dori    Sheet Music        Mp3

Shulie    Sheet Music        Mp3

Joe   Sheet Music        Mp3

George    Sheet Music        Mp3

Dina*   Sheet Music        Mp3

(*Dina will sing just the second verse as a solo)

Pick the song that is closest to your vocal range and prepare that one for your audition.  Again, EVERYONE will audition.  Don’t be scared, we’ve either all been there...or are going through it the first time with you.